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Wuxi Rongfa Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of high-quality PE base film, self-adhesive film and protective film. "Rongfa" brand products have excellent performance, complete specifications and models, and can meet the different needs of various industries.

1. The self-adhesive film is mainly used in acrylic sheets, glass cover plates, mobile phones and LCD panels, high-quality furniture outer packaging and various metal material products and the processing and use of other plates. The self-adhesive film can keep the packaging items under tension for a long time. Loose. Self-adhesive film has the advantages of high transparency, stable viscosity, no pollution and no glue.

2. Explosion-proof membrane is widely used in construction, furniture, bathroom, decoration engineering and other glass and mirror bottom explosion-proof. It directly solves the problems of self-explosion of tempered glass and insufficient strength of non-tempered glass. Various colors make explosion-proof membranes have a certain decorativeness, suitable for all Different environments.

3. The stainless steel deep-drawing self-adhesive film is pasted on the flat stainless steel, punched down with 500 pounds, and the stainless steel is formed. The self-adhesive membrane should not be broken with stretching.

Stainless steel stamping forming self-adhesive film is mainly used in: hardware products, galvanized sheet stamping, plastic injection products, acrylic panels, instrument panels, surface protection of plastic lenses, stainless steel plates, aluminum alloys, aluminum curtain walls, titanium plates, plastic steel plates , Polaroid board, ceramics, polyester board and other products surface protection. 

4. Application range of self-adhesive film for car carpet:

It is mainly used for the protection of car carpets, decorative surfaces similar to carpets, and fiber seat surfaces.

5. Laser self-adhesive film

No marks are left after laser cutting and bending; applicable scope: various types of stainless steel, etc. The characteristic of this product is that it is firm but not solid, and it is firmly adhered to various impermeable steel surfaces. During the laser cutting process, the protective film will not fly up or melt edges due to the excessive pressure of the laser machine. After the cutting is completed, the laser film is still firmly attached to the impermeable steel surface, and the peeling of the protective film is also very simple, there will be no glue residue, and no corrosion effect. This product avoids damage to high-quality aluminum sheets during laser cutting.

6. Self-adhesive film for electronic products

Used in electronic product manufacturing process, product surface and screen protection

7. The heat-seal performance of high temperature resistant co-extruded film (for foaming heat sealing) has been further improved in terms of barrier properties, aroma retention, moisture resistance, oil resistance, and retortability, and can be widely used in meat freezing.

8. Antistatic electronic film Functional film with special needs It can better meet the needs of protecting the packaged goods